Do you recognise the benefit of exercise, but don’t feel comfortable being on display in a pretentious gym environment? Do you find that you don’t exercise due to lack of time? Does the sound of a friendly gym with no men appeal to you?

If so, then why not visit SheFit which offers the following benefits:

  • Caters EXCLUSIVELY for women
  • Takes only 30 minutes per workout
  • Is great for any age, any shape and any size
  • Burns fat, tones muscle and improves cardio performance
  • Offers a friendly, non-pretentious workout environment

SheFit has changed, and continues to change, the lives of thousands of South African women and it can do the same for you! You are never too old, unfit or overweight to come to SheFit.

Our gym environment is friendly and non-pretentious with caring staff always in attendance. There are also no men in SheFit – just a few ladies all wanting to get the same thing out of their exercise programme, namely, a personal level of fitness and sense of well-being in a secure, relaxed, yet upbeat environment.